Donia Bakr Younus -AKA Mama Donia … A Pioneer Radio Presenter from the 60s


The publicly known by ‘’Mama Donia’’ was the first Saudi female broadcaster who presented many television programs for kids to participate in them. Donia was the first female Saudi anchor to participate in kids’ shows starting with taking a rule in a radio series in Jeddah followed up by many rules in social and acting programs in Riyadh. She continued to work in the broadcast industry for more than 30 years. She started her media profession from an early age under the age of 10 years.  

As a kid she was bulled for her skin color, and was not allowed to set in the first seats at the TV stage, which make her decide to change that when she grow up and have a children TV show that doesn’t distinguish between people and include and welcome all kids regardless of their backgrounds. 

As a TV presenter, one of her most memorable work was her media coverage of the Kuwait liberation war, she was awarded for her hard work by the Ministry of Culture and Information. 
She holds a bachelor’s degree from the College of Education in Riyadh along with taking many other training courses such as English Language courses and Public Relations courses and 
She also served  as a member of the Jeddah chamber of commerce and established Donia Institution for Advertisement and Donia artistic production Institution.

Donia’s advice for every Saudi woman is to “know her rights and know that her country stands with her not against her, she can do whatever she wants within the law and ethics limit’’.


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