Dr. Majda Abu Rass… the Saudi Ambassador of Environment

Dr. Majda Abu Rass is a Saudi Environmental Scientist, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Environmental Society.

Dr Majda
Dr Majda at an environmental awareness event in Jeddah د.ماجدة في احدى فعاليات التوعية بالبيئة في جدة

She is also an Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Science at King Abdulaziz. She always dreams of helping her society and decided to study science to help not only her community but the world.

After studying biology, she discovered so many environmental challenges,  and few are working to solve them and most importantly no association is in charge. She seized every chance to save the environment and took the initiative and co-found the Saudi environmental society.
check her success story that leads her to be named the Ambassador of Environment in Saudi Arabia  (Arabic & English)



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