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Saudi Women’s Stories is a storytelling and educational platform for women in Saudi Arabia to tell their stories, show their diversity, present their interesting journeys to change and success.  Established in 2019 to highlights new aspects of Saudi women’s lives that haven’t been shown in the past and to tell interesting women’s stories to the world while countering misconceptions and stereotypes about women in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, it hopes to empower and inspire women by offering various programs, training classes, and workshops, and organizing events.  Saudi Women’s Stories aims to empower women by telling their own stories, expressing their opinions and shine, while working together on finding solutions to better our communities.



قصص نساء سعوديات هي منصه اعلاميه و تعليميه مستقلة للنساء السعوديات لروايه قصصهن، إظهار تنوعهن، التعبير عن آرائهن، عرض رحلاتهن الشيقة للتغيير والنجاح، و كذلك لإظهار صور حقيقه جميله من حياة المرأة السعودية لم تظهر عالميا،

كما نأمل ان تساهم منصة قصص نساء سعوديات في إلهام النساء وتمكينهن من خلال  تقديم التدريب وورش العمل لهن وعمل الفعاليات المختلفة لهن والتي تهدف لاستعراض قصصهن و لفتح حوار حول القضايا المتعلقة بحياتهن  والعمل معاً علىالبحث عن حلول أفضل لتطوير مجتمعاتهن



Founder and Managing Director

Sheikha Aldosary  شيخه الدوسري

A journalist, media, and communication specialist in women’s rights, political and socioeconomic issues in Saudi Arabia, with more than a decade of work experience in the field. She has worked with well-known journalists and media organizations such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Guardian, NPR, AFP, BBC radio, French M6, Alsharq Alawsat, ArabNews, and more. Academically, she has studied the visual representation of women in media and has extensively researched the Saudi women’s image in western media. She is passionate about women’s empowerment, education, art, equality, as well as women’s fascinating stories. She found this platform not only to highlight Saudi women’s stories but all women living in Saudi Arabia stories. She hopes to extend this to a storytelling platform for all women around the world. 


Business Development and Strategy: Abeer Muhammad

A business and policy analysis, who has been living between Saudi Arabia and the US for many years. An MPA graduate of the University of Baltimore, US. Has solid experience in business development especially in the public sector. Passionate about social changes and empowering youth and women through education and training. A strong believer in the importance of volunteerism in making positive impacts in communities. In her free time, she enjoys learning about the latest development in the world while helping her cats learn new tricks.

Social media: Renad Aldosary
A media and communication graduate. A passionate social media content creator. She was one of the pioneer kids journalists to graduate from the children’s parliament for journalism in Saudi Arabia in 2009. As a journalist, she covered children’s issues and topics. She was in charge of the weekly children page in a local newspaper Alhyat. Later on, she has covered and documented many social events in Saudi Arabia, interviewing local officials and celebrities and youth in Riyadh. She has won many awards for her media work including from the ministry of media in KSA.  She is currently working on reports on women entrepreneurs for national TV.  In her free time, she enjoys discovering trendy places with her friends.

Research and logistics: Nora Saeed 
An English teacher and artist. A business administration graduate and a manager by nature. Passionate about learning, reading, researching and following the news. She has great joy in photography and designing motivational social media posts. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, being with her kids and attending family events and gatherings.


  • Podcast: Dr. Nadia Dassouqi & Bayan Al-Hazimi
  • Translation: Safia AlQhatani



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