Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 11.38.46 PMSHEWORKS is a modern yet cozy co-working space dedicated for creative women entrepreneur and business owners, to connect and access what is needed to succeed. SHEWORKS offer different business consultation & governmental services, in addition to hosting classes and workshops to empower and educate female entrepreneurs.

SHEWORKS believes in our mission, providing all needed support, an outstanding space, women empowerment tools.  Working together in highlighting women’s success stories.

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Media and Strategy Advisor

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SAMAO is a media advisory, studies, and strategic communication office. Offering attentive strategies, organic ideas, persuasive messages, and fascinating stories. SAMAO tackle our world issues in its researches and media studies. Creating the media buzz that leads to positive sustainable change. The one we want to see in our communities.

SAMAO adopted Saudi Women Stories and work together with the SaudiWomenStories team to provide the best advisory, strategies, and ideas to reach the wanted goals and succeed.
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Cella “The Saudi Professional Women’s Network” is a non-profit initiative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that targets professional women’s empowerment and support to each other through a mix of services, activities and professional programs that target the working women.

Cella and SWS would work together on highlighting successful Saudi women’s stories, women empowerment events in various fields. It is a milestone for Cella and both would work together on spreading the news about women empowerment opportunities and women’s networking events

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