Gergea’n A Traditional celebration in Saudi Arabia

Gergea’an is a traditional celebration on the 15th night of Ramadan. It is bserved primarily in Eastern Saudi Arabia, and GCC countries. On Gargee’an children dress in traditional clothing and after sunset, they go knocking doors in their neighborhood asking for treats, while singing the traditional “Gargee’an song”.

Saudi women use this occasion to showcase their talents and creativity in making gifts, giveaways, decorating the house, making traditional dresses, and clothing.
Some use the opportunity to present their skills in cooking traditional food.

As the event is commercialized heavily by the media and corporates, many Saudi women compete in the market online. They specialized in making Gergeaa’n special gifts, clothing, decorations for the occasion. And they always win 🙂

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Here is Saudi Singer Dalia celebrating Gergea’an with her daughter Lily. (2019)


some decoration and baskets prepared by Saudi women for Gergea’an (provided)


Learn the song 



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