Nawal Al-Hawsawi the 1st Saudi Anti-racism Activist نوال الهوساوي أول سعودية ناشطة ضد العنصرية

Nawal al-Hawsawi is a Saudi female pilot turned mom from Mecca, She is a family counselor and psychotherapist too. Al-Hawsawi has been named the Rosa Parks of Saudi Arabia by local newspapers in 2013 for her anti-racism activism  and for being the first woman to led the county’s fights against racism
Her story started when she was verbally attacked by a woman at a mall who called her “Abda” (Abda = slave in Arabic. A derogatory term to describe black people in the Arabic word)
Al-Hawsawi recorded the incident and reported to the police, to be transferred later to
the Department of Public Prosecution.

Al-Hawsawi has dropped a racism case against three women who called her a “slave” after they apologized to her. She said the women who attacked her are now members of her campaign.

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