Sara Mowlana- The Inspiring Founder of Sarah Sugur Rush from Srilanka

My name is Sarah Mowlana a mother of 3 from Srilanka. Wife to my amazing husband and daughter to my beautiful parents and parents in law mashaAllah. I work online as a marketing and communications officer for Al-Alameen International Schools Riyadh (an associate school of the University of Cambridge). Apart from that, I have been working on social media handling few high engaged groups and @sarahssugarrush on Instagram. I also enjoy teaching children with special needs and I bake cakes and savouries on pre-orders.
I was 4 years old when I first came to KSA with my parents, it was a blessing Alhamdhulillah. I have lived in Jeddah, Makkah, Madhina, Dammam, Dhahran, Al-Khobar and here I am in Riyadh since 2017 now Alhamdhulillah.
Tell us more about your work? How long have you been running it and what do you offer?
Well, Sarahssugarrush is all about empowering women and supporting women, about my kids and my lifestyle. I have been on social media for nearly 10 years now.
Sarahs_sugar_rush_kitchen is all about food that I bake on pre orders. I started it when I was back in Al-Khobar somewhere around 2010/2011.
I bake cakes, savouries, snacks. I love baking.
what distinguishes my food from others: I wouldn’t say mine are the best or better than others. Everyone is equally good at doing their own thing you know. I am good at baking cakes and savories and I often try new recipes which have always been a success Alhamdhulillah. Everyone loves my brownies the most.
My brownies and baked pasta! Everyone loves my fudge brownies because I add a generous amount of high-quality chocolates and it’s the same with my baked pasta, I add a handful of cheese to make it extra cheesy and that’s what everyone loves! Most of all, I make sure I add a spoonful of love and carefully bake them to meet my customers’ needs.
What are some of the similarities between KSA and your countries?
Srilanka is my actual home, KSA is home to our hearts. The similarity between both countries is that both make you feel the warmth of HOME and that’s where our hearts are, right? I love KSA and pray that we get the opportunity to live here with our families till our very last breath In sha Allah.
What are the things you like the most about KSA? And things you find the most challenging
Let me tell you about the challenging part first, it’s the dependant levy and the taxes that’s the most challenging to all of us expatriates here. Yet we continue to survive and live a beautiful life here Alhamdhulillah with the help of Allah because this country is filled with Barakah. KSA has always been my love and life. I’d do anything to live here with my beautiful family in sha Allah. My mom loves KSA just like I do, In fact we all love KSA. My brother Ahmed was born in Jeddah back in 1999. My daughter Fatima Zahra was born here in Riyadh on 2018. We have made a lot of memories here in Saudi Arabia and we love it the most because we get to visit both Masjid-ul-Haram and Masjid-un-Nabawi very often Alhamdhulillah MashaAllah.
What are some of your advice to women in general?
Be who you are, don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Do what makes you feel is right and perfect for you. I had a divorce and had to go through a lot because I was bashed with comments and a lot of people cut off ties with me back then due to my divorce. What mattered to me the most is my parents, my siblings, my immediate relatives, my in laws, my very special uncle Najeeb and my father in law Ariff that have been my strength eversince then Alhamdhulillah. I’m married now and I’m blessed MashaAllah. Im sure I would have been in a dark pit yet if I had looked at what others had to say. So I will always keep empowering each and every woman and I keep telling them: do what makes you happy. Do what gives you positive energy. Do what is right. Don’t you ever look back! Just be beautiful as you are! Be you! Don’t settle for anything that kills your happiness. Take care of yourself and that’s very important!
Is there any last word you want to say ?
I would love to thank Sheika Al Dossary (who’s become very close to my heart eversince we met on Instagram) and Saudi women stories for giving me the opportunity for allowing me to sponsor my goodies for your events (I’m very happy and blessed Alhamdhulillah). I’m really enjoying this interview. Thank you so much for this❤️
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