Gargee’an … a Favorite Traditional Ramadan Event for Kids & women

Gergea’an is a traditional celebration on the 15th night of Ramadan. observed primarily in Eastern Saudi Arabia, and GCC countries.

On Gargee’an children dress in traditional clothing and after sunset, they go door-to-door to receive sweets and candies from neighbors, while singing the traditional song “Gargee’an song”

The more children sing, the more they receive candies and sweets. Think about it as Saudi Halloween.
here we have a pic of one of our fav Saudi Singers Dalia with her daughter in traditional clothing.

Here more about this event, we hope you enjoy the video if you have any question ask in the comments section below

Many Women and kids love exchanging gifts and decorating the house with traditional things, while wearing traditional dress and clothes too. this is a video we made last year about

How Saudi Women Celebrate this special day

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