Abeer Sinder… the Story of the 1st Black Saudi Beauty Vlogger

Abeer Sinder was able to turn her suffering due to the color of her skin and her discrimination experience into a success story.  Her suffering started after she was called by racism slurs about her color, from other kids in the playground. She didn’t understand them then, but later she discovered painfully that color is one of the main criteria of beauty. Dark skin color was not favored. This thought was reinforced by constant criticism of her darker skin tone from some of her relatives and friends who have a lighter skin color.

Although some were joking, they affected her as a teenager. She used bleaching products and cosmetics to lighten her skin and to be accepted by people. She also was suffered from constantly hearing the phrase “black but sweet”. Nevertheless, she could not accept the idea she doesn’t have any representation in the Arab media and fashion world. She started following American and European blogs. Discovering multiple beauty patterns and levels of acceptance.

She decided to accept herself as she is and start spreading awareness about beauty and self-acceptance

She filmed a clip titled (You are black… but sweet) on YouTube. It was a success reaching 500,000 views in two weeks. she was subjected to cyberbullying about her color and race. Yet, she continued, highlighting more messages about racism and self-acceptance for women. She received supportive comments, especially from women who suffer suffering from racism. Sinder turned her skin color into a weapon against social racism.

She became one of the first black vloggers in the Arab world and the first Saudi black girl vlogger sending fashion and beauty tips. She has achieved overwhelming success in social media. Top international brands for cosmetics and fashion, asked her to represent their products and brands.  Abeer today managed her own wigs production company and continues her vlogging and marketing different beauty and fashion brands while providing beauty tips.

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