5 Saudi Women Explorers Who Will Inspire You To Find Your Next Travel Destination

Are you planning your next vacation? are you thinking about a short trip? thinking about destinations in Saudi Arabia? if yes
In this video be introduced to 5 Saudi Women Explorers who will inspire you to find your next travel destination.

Today, many Saudi women have followed their passion for traveling and exploring the richness of Saudi Arabia, exploring their country as well as exploring the world.

Saudi Women now and since 2018 can travel freely, they don’t have to have permission from any male guardian, or anyone else.

As the world celebrated The World Tourism Day, we present Saudi women who took their passion to the next level, exploring the world, and some have established their own tour companies years and years ago.

As many people are plan their holiday travel, we are republishing this video. We hope those outstanding women would guide or inspire you to find your next vacation destination.   Enjoy 🙂