Rehab Zakri.. A Painter from Jizan Reflecting her

Rehab with some of her paintings

She was the little girl that sits in the back of the classroom, not very sociable.
Waiting for the moment that the school ends so she can go back home, and watch her favorite film-cartoons, and pause the TV so she can draw the characters displayed there. Then when she got into high school, she had a supportive teacher and a principal that knew her hidden painting talents so they encouraged her to participate in a local competition conducted in their city.. and after refusing many times, she finally participated, and to her surprise, she won with first place.. and later on, she participated in a another competition for artists from all over Saudi Arabia, and again! she won the 4th place which was a huge deal back then.

Rehab’s Art Studio

This girl’s name is Rehab Khaled Zakri from Jazan city.
She is an internal design student and a great artist. She started by painting on
papers and canvases but after a while, happened the thing that gave her career a boost. That thing was mural paintings. She hesitantly painted her first mural while not being sure of what it’s going to look like but shockingly; the final result was magnificently incredible!! And it attracted people’s attention. After gaining such fame and popularity, she finally started
mentoring in workshops and having her own art gallery which has her painting there.

Rehab’s First Mural
Rehab during the opening of her first Art Gallery

Now she is proud to say that her passion and
talent gave her huge financial rewards. she believes that whoever said
that art cannot make money is absolutely, and foolishly wrong.. because now, the jobs offering wouldn’t stop and, she keeps on and on growing. She also warns, you might find some manipulative, “not so good” people out there.. people who would be willing to build their success on your success.. you must avoid them, and focus on yourself, and yourself only. She advises anyone who has a gift or passion to be confident and believe in their abilities, but most importantly, “practice” because with the constant practicing, you
discover your own style and you improve your skills, and from there, you can really start.

Rehab’s Painting of MBS

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