Jana Al-Reifi… a Young Woman Saving the Environment

16-year-old Jana Alreifi

When the launch of NEOM project was announced a couple of years ago, 16-year-old Jana Alreifi was searching and reading about the project, but when she noticed the lack of information that clarifies the details of NEOM in terms of the energy used, transportation, and the available equipment, she decided to make a project that fits with NEOM’s geographical location and uses wind energy, which she named “Using wind energy to produce Green Hydrogen with ammonia in NEOM”.

Student Jana talking about her project to Mawhiba

This project aims to study how the city of NEOM will produce green hydrogen using
ammonia, which is a light and highly reactive source of energy, and an alternative
gas to fossil fuels that cause emissions of carbon dioxide that’s harmful to the
atmosphere when burned and used. Fossil fuels also lead to pollution and
changes in the climate. It damages the health of people, animals, and plants.

She mentioned in the research the types of equipment necessary to set up the
project, and the amount of energy that would be consumed. She worked on this research in the
universities of King Abdullah of Science and Technology, and King Saud.

Jana while accepting her award

This project qualified her to win two awards from King Abdulaziz and His Companions Foundation for talent and Creativity who she admires for their support since the very beginning.

She aspires to specialize in
chemical engineering and renewable energy in the future, and to represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia locally and globally.

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