5 Saudi Women in The Field of Fitness

1- Fatima Batook

Fatima`s Brand TIMA

     Fitness trainer who established her brand Studio 55 after more than 15 years of experience in fitness field. She is the first woman who owned a business license to open a gym in Saudi Arabia in 2015. She opened her first branch in Khobar and launched first Saudi brand for sportswear TIMA in 2012. Its products are offered for sale in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait. Fatima wanted to –after she benefited from exercising through a personal experience- introduce the benefits of exercising to all women as she did.

Although she faced many challenges as the lack of issuing business licenses related to sports facilities for women in KSA in the past, but that didn`t stop her from paving the way and giving Saudi women equal opportunities to do exercises. Her health condition was the reason behind being interested in exercising; she said that her weight in the past was more than normal and that this thing was a turning point to her, “I was always exercising but only for fun and not for anything else” she explained. Batooq wants to spread sport-culture among Saudi women, and she is planning to do so by bringing fitness trainers from other countries to share their experiences through workshops specially for women. “I really want to establish a bigger community that has Saudi fitness trainers” she assured.

2- Najia Al-Fadl

     Cross-fit and fitness trainer. She faced criticism strongly as any independent woman and she says that this criticism that she faced through her journey in a world which was only for men was harsh. Najia is one of many Saudi women who entered sports field with a strong will and little support. She joined Flag-Boxing gym in 2014 with no experience in fitness, and now she is the main trainer of calisthenics in the same gym in Jeddah and she trains a group of Saudi and non-Saudi women of different specialties and occupations. Najia says that she is grateful she entered the sports field at the time of corrections and positive changes in Saudi Arabia related to women`s sports. For Najia, the shape of her muscled body was not the first challenge she faced in the eyes of society, but she had to convince her family first.

3- Haya Sawan

     When she found support from her family, husband and friends to enter the sports field and training, and with her talent and passion, she exceeded in this field to inspire people to see that exercising is a lifestyle not only to lose weight. That is Haya Sawan, a graduate of Internal Design and the Saudi fitness trainer who encouraged women to take care of their health by doing exercises and eat healthy. She sees that exercising has many good effects on women`s mental health and their family as well. She started to spread fitness culture in social media as her main platform. Then she started to organize a training camp to help women exercise. She is now a fitness trainer and a host of “Hamsa” program that is aired on MBC to raise awareness about the importance of exercising. She has also established a brand to encourage women to take care of themselves.

4- Samar Rahbini

     Co-founder of a Saudi women bikers team that is known as “Brave Cyclist”. This team was able to do the challenge of 100 Km in few hours. The team started with 20 girls and now it has more than 3500 bikers. Samar loved bicycles since she was a child and she worked hard until she succeeded in turning her dream into reality. She makes sure – through her team- to spread the culture of riding bicycles among Saudi women of different ages and to reach with them professional levels. She organizes many exercises and races for the team to improve their skills and so they can be able to participate in local bicycle races. She is also coordinating  with governmental organizations from time to time to provide safe routes for her team members to practice on their bicycles to keep them safe from car accidents.  

5- Amal Baatia

     Amal is the first Saudi woman who became a certified Cross-Fit trainer in 2014.she is also one of the members of the Saudi Committee for health and fitness. Her goal is to empower women through sport and teach them the importance of fitness through cross-fit sport or any other sports. She started training in a small room in her house until she owned a sport studio of her own in Jeddah named “Amal B Fitness”. 

Amal Baatia Infront of her Sport Studio Amal B Fitness