The Change Makers in Education in Saudi Arabia

On world education day, we highlighted 5 Saudi women who were pioneers in making positive change in education in Saudi Arabia from the 60s. We also highlighted some of the recent development and achievement in Saudi Arabia in the field led by the ministry of education.

Education in Saudi Arabia Today

According to a report by the Saudi Arabia’s National Center for Performance Measurement (Adaa), the country has made remarkable progress in education in 2021. The Kingdom has seen accelerating steps in several international indicators. It has advanced in several sub-indicators for global innovation, surpassing more than 107 countries.

Saudi Arabia has excelled in 3 sub-indicators of the Global Innovation Index for the year 2021, as it surpassed 105 countries in the general research and development index, achieving 26th place out of 131 countries.

In the higher education enrollment index, Saudi Arabia ranked 29th, outperforming 102 countries in 2021. The index measures the percentage of total enrollment in higher education regardless of the age category to the population that officially corresponds to the level of higher education.

In terms of university rankings, the Kingdom ranked 24 in the QS classification, it outperformed 107 countries. This indicator measures the average scores of the top 3 universities.

The Ministry of Education was also able to overcome the exceptional repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic and proved its ability and efficiency in performing its duties and responsibilities without hindering the educational process and the development plans, and it continued its scientific progress and achieved advanced ranks in many international indicators.

In a recent interview with the UN Resident Coordinator for Saudi Arabia Mrs. Nathalie Fustier, she highlighted the measures that Saudi Arabia has taken to reform its education system as well the most important action taken during the covid pandemic.