Dr. Inas Al-Issa…the Rector for the largest women university in the world

Dr. Inas bint Suleiman Al-Issa is the rector of Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, a public women’s university located in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, that is considered the largest women’s university in the world. She was appointed in 2019 by a royal decree for this position.
She come to the position with a solid career in education in the kingdom. She served as an adviser to the office of the director of King Saud University. She was also, the dean of the Department of Science and Medical Studies for female students at King Saud University, before that she served as the vice dean of the College of Nursing at the same university.

Dr Al-Issa giving excellence award from PNU
PNU signing a MOU with the Riyadh chamber of commerce to empower women in the job market.

She is known in Saudi Arabia as one of the champions for women empowerment in academic as well as in the workforce. Since she hold that position , she worked with so many local and international entities to empower women with all the needed skills to enter the Job market and be game changers in making a positive changes in their societies.

Although, she holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physical therapy, and a Ph.D. in anatomy and neuroscience from Dalhousie University in Canada, she was considered by many as one of the best leaders in education in the kingdom. Al-Issa also chaired the research committee at the Saudi Physical Therapy Association and is on the board of directors of the association. She has also been a member of several committees and boards, while working as a part-time consultant at the Rehabilitation Hospital in King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh.

Like father, like daughter OR Like mother like daughter?
Dr Inas come from a very lovely educated family, from Riyadh, she is the daughter the late famous Saudi television presenter Suleiman Al-Issa, and her mother is Dr Mai Al-Issa, the Dean of the University Studies Center for Girls at King Saud University for many decades.

Suliman Al-Issa presenting on Saudi channel1 in the 80s

Many people compare her to her father, the late television presenter Suleiman Al-Issa. Her passionate and compassionate toward people is unconditional.

In his TV show “with people” he tried to be the voice of people, interviewing people facing issues and difficulties and try to take these messages to the officials. His show gain a lot of popularity among the Saudis in the 70s and 80s lasting for more than 25 years, and it became one of the most watched shows on public TV in Saudi Arabia. Later her dad was appointed as an advisor at the Saudi Royal court.

When students were ask about her, they believed that Dr Al-Issa has similar compassion toward their issues, and that she would could take the extra mile to help them. while other compared her to her mom, Dr Mai Al-Issa, an accommodating and strategic educational leader.

In a rare interview with her dad, expressed his proudness of her and her academic excellence.

She has received many scientific excellence awards in the field of health care research and leadership, one of them is from Harvard University in 2006. Moreover, she received so many awards for excellence and regonision for her work in Princess Noura university (PNU). Today PNU is considered one of the best women universities in the world.