89 Agreements To improve Saudi Education and the Education Minster Identified The Challenges

Princess Nora University signed an agreement with Newcastle university at the ICEE in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Education issued a statement saying that a total of 89 agreements had been signed at its International Education Conference Exhibition 2022 in Riyadh that was held recently. The event aimed to boost investment in the Saudi education sector.

The ICEE is one of the largest education forums to be held in the Middle East since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a focus on contemporary issues in education, opportunities for developing education, and exchanging expertise and experiences to enhance global competitiveness.

Therefore, The agreements and memoranda signed by ministries, universities, and local and international institutions covered areas including the development of education in the Kingdom, incentives for investment in education, crises and challenges in education, improving the efficiency of educational institutions, reaching international standards and indicators, and achieving the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

Saudi Education Minister Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh

Saudi Education Minister Dr. Hamad Al-Sheikh stressed the importance of enhancing human capital, while focusing on “qualitative, flexible education” and finding ways to overcome challenges through “creative planning, resilience, and quick implementation.”

Al-Sheikh explained: “As part of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision, we hope to make our aspirations a reality by enabling every citizen in our country to realize their full potential,” he told the conference. “We will attain this goal by equipping our students to be global competitors and strong social and economic development building blocks. Through lifelong learning, they will be able to keep up with new technical and professional breakthroughs.”

He said the sector must not lose sight of obstacles and how to solve them, despite the educational resources available.

The minister underscored the importance of transformation because of its impact on a person’s cognition, emotions, abilities, and values. He said that man and culture, the local community, and the global community were all entwined in this relationship, necessitating access to flexible and high-quality education.

Saudi Students discussing educational opportunities at UK universites

He also spoke about the difficulties associated with economic conditions, factors, and global crises, which demanded innovative planning, swift adaptation, and well-balanced execution.

He said it was essential to understand global variables to keep up with advancements in the education sector and adjust to and influence such circumstances before they become detrimental.