Saudi women fill new job opportunities at Jeddah Season

Saudi young women made their mark in event management during Jeddah Season, along side their male counterpart. Both made up more than 80% of the workforce. They embodied their enormous potential, wide range of talents, passion for work and eagerness to give and create new success stories.

Jeddah season The two months long festival, in the western of Saudi Arabia, offer Saudi women many new work opportunities. The commercial activities in the season, whether in providing food, beverages, candy industry, exhibitions of creative designs and graphics, or any other commercial, marketing, and artistic activities, witness a distinguished competition between young Saudi men and women. All were keen to provide their services with quality and professionalism. Some have contributed to tourist guidance, event planning and the operation of numerous sites for visitors to Jeddah Season.

Saudi women enjoying Jeddah Season ( Jeddah Season official ad)

The Matloob platform played a role in offering these young men and women with job opportunities in a variety of specializations required by the event zones. The Matloob platform was established by The National Events Center (NEC) in 2021 aiming to facilitate the participation of companies and individuals in organizing events and seasons in the Kingdom.

Since its establishment, the Matloob platform had more than 14 million visits and more than 150,000 requests and registrations. Young women & men can start applying for the available services such as temporary work for talented individuals; food and beverages including restaurants, mobile carts, food and beverage providing productive families; stores of all kinds; service companies supporting events such as organizing and managing crowds, contracting and engineering consultancy, and seasonal events. Those who seek to participate and benefit from the organization of events and seasons can register on the platform to present their ideas or provide services.

The Season has contributed to accelerating the economic growth of private sector companies given the various investment opportunities that the season has provided, with the diversity and comprehensiveness of its activities,

Business writer Haila Al-Mshooh said that the Jeddah Season played a key role in stimulating commercial activities and pumping more investments into several entertainment activities, noting that the Jeddah Season is an event that highlights the Kingdom’s leading role in the entertainment industry, enhances its tourism position, and achieves the goals of Vision 2030 and that the event reflects the implementation of the Quality of Life Program.

Al-Mshooh added that the transportation, retail, restaurants, and hotels sectors are the most prominent sectors in which the season provided major investment opportunities for national companies.

Jeddah Season has attracted more than three million visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom since it was launched last May. The Season provided a large place for young people of both genders to gain experience and craft skills, enrich them with field experience and maximize their advantage.

The largest and most significant field of work there, is the management and operation of the event zones..In these zones a variety of programs and events were offered to young Saudi men and women to demonstrated their ability and success.

City walk is considered the largest zone with the utmost diverse experiences, It features 9 main sub-zones presenting a fully integrated experience; where every family member can find something they enjoy, be it calmness and meditation, excitement and running, delicious cuisines and cafes, or just simply taking walks and enjoying the company of the crowd. Each subzone features its own first-time shows, activities, and adventures.

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