She Suffered Lost so She Became an Inspiration to a lot of Women

There is something good in every bad incident that happens to us. The story of the Saudi doctor Suad Amer is a great example of patience, humanity and turning what is bad to good. Dr. Suad is a doctor and an important scientist in cancer research field in KSA and she became interested in the cancer field because of that incident that happened to her.

Her story starts when she was busy preparing for her master degree in USA in 1994, and she didn`t think even for a second that anything will happen that will turn her life upside down; she was shocked when she knew that her mother was diagnosed with breast-cancer which she had little information about. She was watching her mother fade day after day and she can`t do anything to ease or treat her. In the end, her mom couldn`t fight anymore and she died. Suad was so devastated with guilt and sadness because she couldn`t provide awareness for her mother and she forgot to tell her of the early diagnosis that could`ve saved her life. Before death, her mother asked her to be persistent in telling women and provide awareness for them of the early diagnosis of the breast to avoid getting cancer and to treat it if it exists.

     Dr. Suad didn`t hesitate; she did all she could and all she have to provide awareness of this evil illness, she even established a specialized association in breast cancer which is Zahra Association that she named after her mother so it could be a continuous motivation for her and a reminder of her goal in life. One of Dr. Suad`s sayings that whenever she sees a woman suffering from this illness she sees her mother and feels like this woman is her mother so she tries her best to help her. She also says that she doesn`t like to see anyone suffer without helping. Dr. Suad puts her soul in this association as if she was apologizing for her mother. She paid a lot of attention to this association and the patients that each patient has a team of her own that provides medical care and psychological care. The association didn`t stop at this point, it extends its care to everyone by providing a lot of seminars that spread awareness of this disease. It also provides some of the small brochures for awareness and gives gifts to the patients. The most important things that the association does is providing financial support through donations, the government also is providing some financial support for the association as well as the Ministry of Social Affairs. The association also, represented by its founder Dr. Suad, offers a lot of awareness services such as the necessity of doing X-rays on the breast especially after 40 as well as making some visits to the patients in all of the hospitals in addition to gathering more volunteers until they reached more than 2000 volunteers in Zahra Association.

Due to her sad story and past, she dedicated her self for several positions related to breast cancer such as being the director of breast-cancer researches department in KFSHRC. She got her PHD from London University, the Master in Sciences from the American University in Washington then she came back to the Kingdom to work in many of very important positions. She worked as Deputy Chief of  Regional Alliance of the non-governmental organizations in  Eastern Mediterranean as well as being the founder and head of the national program for breast-cancer awareness. She also held the position of co-chair of King Khalid University Scholarship for higher education for women in Saudi Arabia, and she is the CEO of Saudi Women Committee in Sciences in KFSHRC and Researches Center. The most important achievements that Amer did for KSA is establishing “Zahra” Association to support breast-cancer patients. The establishment of this association is the good that she come up with from the bad destiny that happened to her.

     So just like that, Dr. Suad gave her life to raise the awareness and support breast-cancer patients as possible as she can, and just like that destiny that we thought was bad can be reversed into a greater good. Dr. Suad cherish life and fight diseases and refuse its painful surprises that she created a thousand wings not to fly but so we can have a treatment that defeats the disease if Allah is willing.         

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